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Thus, this research work is aimed to identify what motivates employees of Bank of Kathmandu by applying the concept of existing theories.

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One of the respondents from KTM branch and 2 from PKR branch do not agree with the statement.The introduction and importance of motivation, job satisfaction and opinions of various authors are elucidated by reviewing various academic books, magazines, journals and articles.This research is an analysis on employee motivation at workplace.It contains a wide range of theories on factors that motivate people (content theories) along with theories that describe how behaviours are initiated, directed and endured (process theories).Involvement of human beings either directly or indirectly in almost all research give rise to ethical issues (Sim and Wright, 2000).

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A sampling ratio of 30 percent is require for population smaller than thousands.Chapter 4: data analysis: the chapter covers the ways the collected data were compiled and analysed.On the contrary, Deci and Ryan (2004) explained extrinsic motivation as an external control over a person who gets engaged in the activity, not for pleasure or satisfaction but for attaining a positive outcome or avoiding a negative outcome.While 2(8%) respondents from PKR are neutral and 3(12%) from KTM give negative response to the statement.

The main reason behind conducting this research work, the problem area, and the limitations are clarified.So, it has become important for employers to know what motivates their employees rather than emphasizing them to increase productivity.But how do you write a motivation dissertation that is going to captivate your readers.

Though hygiene theory is one of the popular theories of motivation, the findings done from past empirical studies show that pay, recognition and responsibility are classified as both a motivator and hygiene factors.According to the table, in KTM branch, 64 percent of the respondents receive the salary between Rs 10000 and Rs 25000.This models were best used in organisatons where understanding of behaviour of employees has been important.Employee Motivation Research Papers for MBA Students Employee Motivation Employee Motivation Research Papers focus on the value of inspiring employees in companies.The other three needs are internal and are therefore considered as higher-order needs.The research work focuses only content theories which identify the particular needs that drive the human behaviour to perform better or worse.Understanding human behavior in workplace has been one of the most prioritized tasks for any organization.

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Participation scheme enables staff to become a member of decision making team and express their views on organisational decisions.UKEssays Dissertation Examples Management Employee Motivation.The managers should encourage positive motivation to enhance performance.

Sutherland and Canwell (2004) says it is the primary responsibility of managers to maintain motivation by creating such a work environment where employees will show positive attitude and become committed and loyal and where they believe that they are valued and the organisation gives crucial interest in them.Out of 50 questionnaires distributed between two branches, all of them were returned. the interviewees were also friendly and answered all the questions asked by the researcher.Chapter 3: methodology: this chapter deals with the methods, different tools and techniques used in the research work for data collection, analysis and interpretation.Employee motivation is taken into account by every organisation as one of the major challenging tasks.


The technique for companies is to determine ways to motivate employee motivation at work.

The organization chosen for research work is Bank of Kathmandu BOK, one of the renowned commercial banks of Nepal.Employing Civil Service Workers. 80. Employee perception of fairness of.So It is managers who should know if the reward given matches with the one employees expect for.

After studying the literature, the researcher identified some of the crcucial factors such as salary, training and development, job security, recognition, autonomy and compensation motivate and satisfy employees at workplace.The goal setting theory proposed by Locke states that a person is likely to give a higher performance if the goals are specific and difficult.The techniques that are utilized to encourage staff members need to be customized to fit each one.

Motivation is one of the highly complex but misunderstood concept.Posted on employee motivation. of quality of mzumbe university gsas dissertation.In open-ended questions, the respondents are allowed to give their own answers while the closed-ended questions provide the respondents with a set of alternatives and choose answer from that set (Saunders, et al. 2007). researchers use close-ended questions for they provide the greater control, make respondents easy to answer and short answers lead to quick results (Arthur,2006).According to the table, in KTM branch, the majority of respondents (12 out of 25) are seen in the second option i.e. agree and only one respondent disagreed with the statement.Though the researcher had detailed information about them, they are kept confident considering ethical behaviour.These assumptions are categorised as Theory X and Theory Y. theory X states that workers are lazy, incapable of taking responsibility, dislike work and need a constant supervision while theory Y assumes that people love work, complete task with less supervision and have responsibility ( Dzimbiri,2009).

The researcher analysed data via testing of Hypotheses to support the motivational theories investigated by previous researchers.Sample Research Proposal on Motivation. The employer should realise that each employee has different motivation according.After the collection of questionnaires from the respondents, the acceptability of questions were examined and coded assigning numbers to each of the question.The information presented below serves as foundation to the analysis of this research.Customised research procedures are used by the researcher determining the exceptions of research regarding how vast the topic is.It also aims to know the extent to which BOK is successful in making its employees satisfied and committed.Individuals with this need are placed in competitive situations to be concerned with gaining influence over individual, group or organization.Considering all the data collected and analysed, the researcher finds the bank should improve on non-monetary rewards.

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