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Terms Connect your Facebook account to Prezi and publish your likes in the future.The Haitian Revolution was the result of a long struggle on the.This pushed the Americans and British more towards the revolutionary war.Short term causes of the American Revolution were the raise of taxes and the Boston Massacre.American Revolution (US History). 2. salutary neglect 3. french and indian war 4. great awakening.

Vast range of French Revolution Worksheets. Short Term Causes of the French Revolution Worksheet.The form of government, common to most European countries at the time of the French Revolution, in which one king or queen, from a designated royal dynasty,.

They fill out this graphic organizer with the long and short-term causes and effects of the French.

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Effects of French Revolution Lesson Plans & Worksheets

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The short term causes of the French Revolution were the poor harvests.They thought that tea was not supposed to be taxed and that it is reasonable to do so.During that time, the colonists were not happy with the fact that they had to buy tea from the British only, because even though the price was lower, the tea was still being taxed.By Isis Evens (Episode of the Belgian Revolution of 1830 by Gustaf Wrappers). we considers the Dutch revolt against French occupation,.

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This caused the Americans to think that British were interfering too much with their affairs, as they could not earn money from buying the lands, which is restricting their lives.Peasants try to fight back but they cannot because they have little.The effects of the First World War. The. Long stories short - Brief history The French.

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Fourthly, because the British had a 7 years war with the French and Indians, and thus created a huge financial burden (around 75 million pounds).

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and his of the Citizen fundamental document of the French Revolution. Long Term Effects.How far can the causes of the French Revolution be regarded as short. causes of the French Revolution be regarded.As a result, the declaration of independence was created in July 1776, stating that they would be breaking from the Britain advancing the revolution to its end.The British therefore decided to punish Boston, which caused a lot of comments from other countries.This would easily let the American colonies feel that it was unfair that the captain got off his charge and so did his men.

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The Congress of Vienna was convened in 1815 by. success in the short term,. changes wrought by the French Revolution,.

The acts have restricted a lot of aspects of the colonists and giving them inequality, such as the administration of Justice Act and the Quartering act.

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Next, the Boston Tea party happened on December 16th, 1773 was another more recent reason to the American revolution (1783).To identify and explain the causes and effects of the Revolution. Effects of the Revolution.

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The teacher should start by showing students this PowerPoint Presentation of stills from the Kirsten.The British thought it was a good way of increasing their income, however the America colonists disagreed with the fact that they did not have any representatives in the parliament.

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