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Legalizing Marijuana To the AIDS or cancer patient, it is the plant that fights nausea and.Usually, the dried leaves, flowers, and buds of the plant is used as marijuana.Harakas 3 Marijuana also helps the government significantly and if it is anyone that gets the most benefits out of legalizing marijuana is has to be the government.The doctor enters the room, asking for the decision, so he can start treatment.You may also sort these by color rating or essay length. Title. - One of the most hotly debated topics in America today is the legalization of cannabis,.

Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes and recreational use with proper regulation.It has been proven to be even better than alcohol and many other things in this world.Legalization of cannabis essay Alberto Gonzales August 15, 2016.Logical people would not permit anyone to consume cannabis, in viewing of the fact innumerable teenagers are addicted at an incredibly young age.

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Whether it be for medical or even recreational weed has become a part of this world.Issues Surrounding the Legalization of Cannabis By Jennifer Siegfried Numerous countries have laws concerning the possession, cultivation, supply and use of cannabis.Legalization of marijuana argumentative essay - Professionally crafted and custom academic writings.The country is divided into two factions - one being the freedom demanding, marijuana legalizing while the other being the anti-drug, let us crush all the drugs and drug takers.

There is a massive amount of drugs being used daily for medical reasons, some being used to treat multiple conditions at once.It is smoked or eaten to get hallucinated and receive pleasure.Legalization will bring in much needed tax dollars, it will free up prisons and their resources, and it will save the U.S tons of money.Marijuana remains the most widely used illegal drug and stirs up constant debate everywhere.In addition, the penalties for possession and trafficking of cannabis should be abolished, and cannabis should be taxed and regulated by the federal agency that controls the other recreational, legal, yet addictive and potentially injurious substances tobacco and alcohol (the ATF).The debate on whether this substance should be legalized or not remains a very hot topic today.His parents curb his seizures by giving him a liquid form of marijuana by mouth 3 times a week.Medical marijuana has a great amount of benefits and may be better than other alternative medicines, but does have some risk factors.Despite government efforts to isolate and eliminate its use, it is clear that the use of marijuana is still very popular.

Others want marijuana legalized to offset the impact of the current rescission by generating additional revenues to states from collecting taxes on marijuana.Is there any real medical purpose for marijuana, or is it just a gateway drug for kids.School paper: Argument For legalization. The legalization of marijuana will.Some studies have shown results that the benefits of using marijuana for medicinal reasons far outweigh the negative health matters that may be associated with its use, and therefore should be an accepted method of treatment for some patients who are suffering with illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, and eating disorders (Okie, 2005).Cannabis prohibition is quite costly, but so are other government initiatives.I know if I had muscle spasms and that nothing would help except to smoke some weed I would want it to be legalized so I can do it.(Robinson) In the United States marijuana is illegal under federal law.Many people are against the idea, but there are a number of people who fight for the idea to legalize Marijuana.The dangers caused by the use of marijuana are made worse by the fact that it is an illegal drug.Many assume that the usage of marijuana, or cannabis, is dangerous, but it can be the exact opposite.

Marijuana is a dried plant often smoked like a cigarette or in a bong or pipe.

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This drug should not be legalized because it would lead to hard core drugs, there would be an increase in obesity, and it affects the heart, lungs and the brain.Medical Marijuana Essay Marijuana is a very prominent and controversial issue in society today We value excellent.Over the years people have come to believe many things about how.

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The THC in marijuana causes its users to experience a mild-huluciginic or high.Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Argumentative Essay: Legalization of cannabis.Marijuana brings millions of people relief from the pain they feel on a day-to-day basis.Dup, they feel free essay assignment homework help the health and colorado grapples with free.Marijuana is the most widely used and criminalized drug in the United States.The purpose of this paper is to educate, theorize, and discuss various aspects of marijuana, such as its history, development, and the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana legalization.The drug marijuana is perhaps the most widely controversial drug in America.Cannabis can be utilized in many recreational and industrial forms such as, clothing, paper, beauty products, and forms of fuel.

With this reason it is an illegal drug in a majority of parts in the world.

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Each side provides valid and strong arguments supporting their views.Currently 14 states have legalized the use, possession, sale and growth of medical cannabis including some of our Northeastern neighbors in New Jersey, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island.This website like most others, uses cookies in order to give you a great online experience.Presently, there has been no research supporting the idea that marijuana is physically addictive.

For years marijuana has been referred to as a bad drug but just recently people are now understanding that marijuana has so many uses towards medicine.Marijuana has been proven to treat several life debilitating, and even life threatening diseases.Many Americans have this question roaming through their heads.The marijuana question seems to be the most prevalent and pressed of the drugs and issues that are currently being addressed.

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The use of marijuana hit mainstream America about thirty years ago and it has been accepted by a large segment of society ever since (Rosenthal 16).Considered to be a gateway drug and the reason for the downfall of our youth nowadays, marijuana has developed a negative reputation.

That is why 20 states (including Washington D.C) have legalized medical marijuana in their states.Nine medications together could not do what just a few drops a cannabis oil does alone.Marijuana is a natural herbal plant which is often called pot, weed, MMJ, cannabis, bubble gum, green goddess and there are several other names that follows.Shavon Kuhn Comp 2 April 11, 2013 Persuasive essay Legalize Marijuana I believe that marijuana should be legalized.

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